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The Indigo Way


I saw Buddah just a little over a month ago. She made me feel very at ease and comfortable. She was very accurate in her communication with my deceased loved ones and gave me great, insightful information regarding my future. The reason I waited a month to write was because one piece of information she gave me just came to be. My daughter has been struggling with fertility issues. I asked Buddah if she would be able to have a baby. Buddah stated that she would have a baby and she believed that it would be twins, or possibly even triplets. It has been 5 weeks since my appointment, and my daughter just found out this week that she is pregnant with twins! I am in awe of Buddah's gift, and cannot wait to see her again.

Kathy Holmes

Amazed customer

Been to several pychic's, but this was my first medium. Didn't know what to expect. I was very nervous. But as I met Buddah Strouse, I was so comfortable in her presence. When she started communicating with the spirit's, it was as if she had known me all my life. Words cannot describe how this has affected me. She helped put alot of things into perspective . Thank you!



I went to have a reading done by Buddah in the first part of June 2016. I have never believed in this type of thing, but my boyfriend bought me a reading for my birthday. He loved his reading with her and talked me into it. I went in sat down and didn't say a word. She went into some sort of zone after she said her prayer and didn't even look at me until the very end. I thought for sure she would read body language, my expressions, or something. She didn't do any such thing! She didn't even want to know anything about me, and my boyfriend set it up so she didn't even know my name or anything!!!!!! This woman made a believer out of me. She knew things about my mom who died, a song she once sang to me, what her favorite desert was, and crazy other things. I left feeling more at peace than I have in 10 years since I lost my mom. There is no doubt her gift comes from God. She is amazing. She made a believer out of me.


No longer a disbeliever

I am at a huge loss of words. I have seen so many psychics over the years. I really was believing there was no such thing as an accurate one. Buddah changed all this for me. There is no way in hell she could know all the things she did about my life. I feel so lucky to have come across her name online. #BuddahStrouseisthebestmediumever #BestPsychicMediumInTeWorld


Satisfied Customer

I had a 15 minute phone reading. I have to say it was wonderful. A lot of family came thru and I am very pleased with my reading. I would like to have more time for a reading and in person. So I plan on scheduling another reading very soon. Buddah was right on about so many things. Anyone thinking about a reading should definitely book an appointment. She was very personable even over the phone. I have a lot of things that I want clarity on and that is why I would recommend a longer reading. Was an exceptional call and I am excited to talk with her again. Buddah thank you so much. I can't express how much this reading has helped me and I can't wait to visit again.


Happy customer

I had a bad motorcycle wreck in 2013. I broke both hips, and felt like shit the last 3 years. I went to Buddah to have energy work done thinking worse case I blow 50.00 bucks today. It has been almost 3 weeks since Buddah did what ever the hell she did energetically to me, and I have had NO PAIN! She even said to start she isn't a doctor and can't guarantee anything, but she would try. If she plays pool the way she does energy work then she would be a damn pro. I have never believed in any of this, and was kinda weirded out to tell you the truth. What Buddah did for me was worth way more than 50 dollars. I can play with my little girl again and carry her on my shoulders. Seems simple to some, but my little girl don't think so. Thanks Buddah you changed my life for real I have a suspicion you do that for everyone though you say you are just you. The world needs more of you people in it. My little girl says thanks

Henry T.

Hip pain is gone

The messages that Buddha brought to me it was like my mom was sitting on the other end of the phone.I feel like the anchors I have been dragging around for so many many years are gone.I can finally take a breath.feek deserving of life..I truly feel PEACE..Thank you Indigo Way from the Bottom of My Heart

Amy Kubrick

So at peace now

I have had several readings with countless psychics and mediums over the past 15 years. I have never found one that is as accurate, honest, caring, or on point as this lady is. Buddah is infact all she says she is and more. Plus how humble she is will blow you away. God most certainly gave her this gift. I am so glad she shares it with me. I would be lost without Buddah.


So Happy

I have had two readings with Buddah and most recently attended a class at Visions in Springfield held by her. Each reading is a wonderful experience, allowing me to understand how to heal in a way that works for me. Her approach to helping others is the way that it should be, natural and unscripted. The way developmental exercises were explained by her was very easy to understand and do. I highly recommend at least one encounter with Buddah. Thank you Buddah!

Lucas S.

I've been to Buddah 3 times and so far everything she has told me has come true. She is amazing. Not a phony. She is the real thing. I have called her out of the blue about my daughter that has been sick for 10 years. She was right on target. I love her and she has helped many people. God Bless you, Buddah. Your stuck with me forever. LOL

Barbara Rafool Patterson

1st class and i left there already feeling hopeful , calmer, educated, and optimistic about my future . Buddha is very kind and made me feel comfortable just being in her presence.


I've had readings by many people. I have never gotten as much as I have from just one short reading with Buddah. She is amazing! She has told me upfront instantly information I have been asking others for years about and gotten nowhere. She has taught me so much and we just met her. I can't wait to learn and grow with her guidance.

Donna G


I remember the first reading I received from Buddah. I also remember the situations I was going through at the time too. The messages I received that day helped me heal and gave me the insight I needed to process every thing and move forward. I have since then recommended her to my family, close friends and co workers. I have hosted 3 house parties, due to everyone wanting a reading. For me it's very beautiful to see the people so close to me receive their own persona; healing and walking away with peace and understanding. If you haven't had a reading with her, I strongly encourage you to do so. I am thankful I did.

Vicki Huerta

I've known Buddah for a few years now. I've had one reading done and have attended numerous classes she has offered at Indigo Way. She is the most real and down to earth person you will ever meet. There is no hokey movie/tv psychic show put on to cover up a lack of gifts. She is the real thing. She was able to predict numerous life events and tell me things about my life and family that she would not have known otherwise. The sense of community and acceptance during her classes is amazing. Every walk of life and every type of belief is accepted and discussed without judgment. Meeting with her for a reading or attending one of her classes will definitely leave you feeling like you've known her all your life and will help you on your own spiritual journey.



I met Buddah through a mutual friend. I attended one of her classes and was immediately intrigued! Spirit, energy, crystals, empath--all these were new to me. It was her classes that helped me get more involved in these topics and many, many more! I have also seen Buddah for EFT. I was going through a bad divorce and getting over so much past emotional baggage, that without her life coaching, I wouldn't be in the amazing place that I am now. She is an amazing life coach and person. Her medium/psychic abilities are just amazing. I would highly recommend her for a reading, energy clearing or even reiki. Her abilities are endless. She definitely is one-of-a-kind. Love her!


I had my first reading with Buddah a couple weeks ago. So far all she told me has happened with my daughter. She was 100% on target. I've been to many over the years and no one compares to Buddah. She is friendly, compassionate. She is the real thing. Nothing phoney about her., Now, I'm waiting for the happy things ahead for me she predicted. Love her. I recommended her to all I know. Hope, they go to her.. You won't be disappointed.

barbara patterson


I met Buddah probably 3 yrs ago!! I went to a spirit circle which was the beginning of a healing process!! My husband and mother both passed away in 2011. It helped me tremendously and would recommend this for anyone who is grieving after a loss of a loved one!! I have had private readings also which are amazing!! The messages I received from my loved ones helped me to be at peace!! She is amazing and everyone can benefit from her gifts!!

Deborah Marfell

Satisfied Friend

I have had a reading from Buddah B Strouse, she was right on the money with me. I have never met her before, she did not know my family members that have crossed over. I HIGHLY recommend her if you would like to hear from your loved ones on the other side. She is one of the Best that I have been too.

Vicki Cardwell


Buddah is the most in depth, precise psychic I have known or heard of. The information she gets is extremely correct & exact. I have never known her to be wrong with anything she has told to me or anyone I know that has gotten a reading from her. Her goal is that a healing & a blessing take place with every reading. She is truly Amazing!


I went to Buddah and she has been on target regarding my daughter's health issues. I find her extemely friendly and knows what she is talking about. I have referred many friends to her. She is no phoney, she is a true blue psychic

barbara patterson

100 % accurate

I had my first reading with buddah at a house party. My mom and I invited all our friends and everybody had the best experience speaking with those who came through. Especially when my friends and I were together and the words that came from he mouth were exactly that of what our loved one would say... And these are ppl she couldn't of known. I enjoyed the experience so much that I have had several more sessions and intend to have more. She is amazing at this as well as an all around amazing person. Not to mention when u have a house party, you get to meet her wonderful wife as well. I couldn't recommend her services enough!

Melissa Reeter

Satisfied widow, granddaughter, and friend

Buddha has always given me relevant, compassionate, and intuitive advice and insight. She has amazing abilities and a knack for being spot on.

Christal M.

Grateful Receiver

I was able to get a message from my father that was very healing. I also love Buddah's spirit and sincerity. I would highly recommend her to anyone who needs a loving message.


Buddah picked up so much when my grandmother died, which took away some of the pain because of the humorous message that i got--I was one in a spirit circle shortly after her death, and she looked at me and immediately brought up the fact that we kept trying to feed her mashed potatoes and pudding and she HATED IT -- but i could def see her doing that--but that was just validation for the rest of the message--to find out that my grandma said 'thank you' and that she knew that we did the best i could was such a comfort to my whole family--I also appreciate that she just tells it like it is,!

janette funderburk

at peace

Buddha helped me so much in so many ways, I'm not sure where to start. Communicating with my mother who had passed was so big. I went in there, NOT wanting her to come through, because I was guilt ridden about not letting her live at my house, etc. Oh, so many things. Of course, who came thru right away> MOM!! It was so healing! She didn't feel that way at all, and Buddha relayed the information to me in a way that helped me so much!!! There were many other things that were helpful, and I never doubted her for ONE minute!! She is a great person, and I promise that a visit to her, will change your life! GO!

Lin Myers

I have had several readings. I do recommend her.....highly...(as well as soberly) LOL

Alma Sander Moyer

Buddha rocks

Buddha gave me my first reading. I didn't want to get my hopes up, so I went in with an open mind and let her tell me anything she wanted to share. My uncle passed away in 1986 and a woman who was like my second mom came thru. I was so close to both of these people in my life, if I never had another reading I would be thrilled with the one I had with Buddha. She pinpointed my uncle to a T and shared so much about my second mom, she even had to stop to giggle because she was coming thru with her normal humor! It came out in my reading about the things that I have happen in my house that are unexplainable. She told me it was my uncle and that he is always with me. My family was so close to him, that it really made me feel good to know he's constantly with me. I miss these two people so much every day! I cannot wait to have her in my home in a couple weeks for another party! She also gave me some hope for my future! 5 Stars to Buddha!

Dawn A.

Teary eyed but very happy!

My reading with Buddha is something I wouldn't trade for anything in this world. She relayed "word for word" the last conversation I had with my grandmother just before she passed. My grandmother was unable to speak, so I had always felt the conversation was one sided. My Grandmother came through and completed the conversation which gave me more peace than there are words to describe. Thank you Buddha...wish our paths had crossed YEARS earlier!!! :)



I find Buddha to be intriguing and extremely accurate. She also has a kind heart and loving, soothing energy. I would recommend her to anyone !!!

Diana G

I can't express my gratitude enough for the amazing reading I received by Buddah! She was able to share a message from a dear friend that was near death. Buddah shared healing with me so I could stay positive and on course. Thank you with all of my heart!


Satisfied Customer

I went in with an open yet semi guarded mind. I'd hoped for some closure, but didn't want to get my hopes up. A long story short--she was able to bring things up that there is no way she could know or make up. From losing someone who was like a second grandma, to letting me know that my grandma figure was holding the child I lost 6 years prior... She was even able to tell me that the child I was carrying now would be just fine. No one even knew I was pregnant!! I cannot wait until the next session I already have with her and many in the future. She gave me so much closure and I breathe easier everyday from answers she gave to questions I had buried deep... Thank you Buddha--I'll never be able to thank you enough.

Ashley Bradley

breathing easie

My sis and I went in for an appointment on a Sunday. She blew me away, there is no way she could of known the things she told me. Buddah has an amazing gift. She will answer any question you have at the end of your reading, that is if she has not already answered it during you reading. If you need closure, or are stuck in a rut, or just what or need to know something. Give Buddah a call. She's really good with the gift God gave her.

Theresa Klein

Buddah Psychic Medium is the best! I have had several readings and she was always correct with what she said. The best was getting to communicate with my Mom through her and also my son saw Buddah and got to communicate with her too, he misses his Nana so much and that through Buddah was priceless! It has my son and I both in tears, it was amazing, Buddah communicated things that only we knew with my was very moving! Everyone should take a moment and go see is definately rewarding. Some of my friends have went and loved it too! Do something for yourself and get a will be glad that you did!! :-) I highly recommend Buddah!!


My husband and I saw Buddah for a joint reading. She was amazing and covered so many pertinent topics for us without even having to be asked. I was able to ask about family members as well and she was able to connect with some of our departed relatives. I didn't know what to expect when I went but she put us right at ease.

Tara McGinnis

Happy Customer

I was guarded because I was not sure if she is a real deal or not when I went to see her. But, after the reading I got, she was spot on. She knew things NO ONE knew about except me; certain feelings I had when I was dealing with the passing of my mother. Things I did after she passed that only i knew about and she stated specifics that blew my mind. I HIGHLY recommend her to all who is interested in the spiritual world. I had her do readings for both my daughters and they were shocked at how accurate she was with them also.

Mary T

I had a great reading - thanks for all that you do for us. glenna

Glenna Mount

I have had readings many times over the years, she is AWESOME and was especially comforting when I lost my oldest son 41/2 years ago!

Joni Anderson

very satisfied long time customer

Have been to Buddah many times both private and Spirit circle. If there is anyone I am to thank more for listening to what my grandfather has to tell me, it's her. Loved every reading and have never regretted any of them.

Chris Ackerma


I have had readings many times over the years, she is AWESOME and was especially comforting when I lost my oldest son 41/2 years ago!

jJoni Anderson

happy customer!!

A life changing moment. I laughed, I cried...I walked out so happy and refreshed. I had so many thoughts and questions going thru my head and one by one she answered every single one....and i didnt even say a word!! She just knew...she told me things that no one ever know...the reading shook me to the core and i can not recommend this enough!! you will walk out a happy healthier person

Molly Carr


I've had the pleasure of meeting with Buddah twice. My first reading was a last minute opening at a house party. She didn't know me at all, didn't know I was going to be a guest. The things she knew were amazing. She left me speechless after my reading. I then invited her to my home to do readings. She spent the entire day doing readings and it was so much fun. It was a pleasure to meet Barb at that time as well. I've seen a number of people who claim to do what Buddah does, she is one of very few I've met and felt were truly genuine.


Absolutely wonderful, amazing private reading session! It felt real, and genuine, not fake or made up. Buddah was accurate and extremely specific about information that nobody else would or could possibly know. I was completely 100% satisfied. I highly recommend Indigo Way to anyone who wants answers to things that nobody else can answer. Thank you Indigo Way for easing my mind as well as helping rid me of heavy guilt that I have been carrying since 2012. I'm a believer!!!


Extremely satisfied daughter

I have got two readings done by Buddah. My first experience was something that changed my life. I was a HUGE sceptic of the things Buddah does. I was at a group reading and of course listened to everyone else's readings thinking that it was just all talk. Then she pulled me aside and told me some very real and personal things happening in my life that only I knew. She saved my life by that reading. I am no longer a skeptic. I'm a true believer and alive because of her!


Fantastic experience

I've had 2 readings with Buddah and she is amazing. My boyfriend committed suicide and wanted some peace of mind. She was spot on without going into details. I would highly recommend going t her. I will definitely be going back to see her!


I needed peace of mind

I have had 4 from Buddah and all of them have been amazing. My last one I had started even before it was my turn. But after my reading was over it I understood completely what she was meaning and so did Buddah. I will never see anyone else for a reading. If you ever have a chance for a reading from Buddah go for it, you will not be sorry you did it. I promise!!!!


Very Happy Customer

I can't say enough good things, so much honesty, helpfulness, love and hope comes out of each reading!



I heard she was honest, I heard she would blow my mind. I needed the truth about a situation, and came to her with hopes of getting a good reading and some advice. what I got was much more. You cannot question her gift after one reading from her. she just knows whats going on. there is no guessing, no trying to get info out of you at all, she just tells it as she sees it. I am beyond happy to have found her, for my situation will be ongoing for a while. I needed honesty and honesty I got.. down to one of my biggest faults in my personality, and exactly what my life lesson is during this. If you want the honest truth, without any holding back, call her. You better be prepared for the truth though. she is absolutely fabulous.


completely is awe

Let me starts by saying Buddah didn't even know my name before my appointment. So there is no way she could of found information about me ahead of time! Almost 6 years ago my son died in a horrible accident where 4 others died. He was being blamed for this and in my heart I didn't think it was true. With the information Buddah gave me about it the DA has reopened his case! There were 3 people that lied on the case, and the DA couldn't prove it until now. There was NO WAY she could have known all of those things. She spoke the way he spoke, and came from a place of such compassion. I never believed in this stuff before, and now I do! I know it's true, and now all of these families will get some peace knowing the truth! Thank you Buddah for helping me!!!!


One Reading And My Life Is Now Changed Forever

My whole family has been to Buddah, some at private readings and others at the Spirit Circle. Never have we been disappointed. The readings are accurate and comforting. As a life coach Buddah is supportive and loving. Cannot imagine anyone else taking care of all us and channeling our loved ones to give us important life messages. Thank you!

Shirley Ackerman

I was so happy that my little sister and I went to see Buddah. She was right on everything she spoke of. She is so blessed to be able to make a difference in people's life's.



I have to say Buddah is a true talent. I lost 3 people in such a short amount of time & when that happens there is no time to recover from one loss to the next. You can lose your faith when the grief overtakes you. I have had the opportunity to have 3 readings from Buddah. I think what amazed me the most is she picked up on actual conversations that I had with those loved ones before they had passed on. There is no way she could have know that as those conversations were private between my self & my loved ones. She also confirmed a suspicion of a loved one's passing of not being of natural causes. She told me he would reveal what happened in my dreams but not all at once. The 2 dreams I have had did reveal what I suspected and who was involved. Last but not least she told me that one of those loved ones said he knew things were still unsettled between us. The only way Buddah could have known any of this, she connected with my loved ones on the other side. Thanks! Tina R..

Tina R.

Amazed & satisfied customer

Buddah has a gift for seeing what the issue is be it a message you may need or healing, be it physical or spiritual. Her efforts are clear concise as well as compassionate as she ever seeks to do well by those she sees.


I went to see Buddah at a medium party one of my former co-workers had. I do believe there is more to life than what we see, but I do not believe that everyone that labels themselves as a 'medium' is indeed one. Buddah is truly a talented & beautiful spirit and is the real deal, she has forever changed my life with her reading. She knew NOTHING but my first name, had no idea of my story or what I was going through. When I saw my former coworker was having a party I thought, "oh I'll sign up... its a reasonable fee and if I get nothing well then so be it". The moment I sat down and shuffled the cards and Buddah linked in with my energy, she told me she felt how my Mom died (which was 100% accurate and no one outside my family knew) She said things from my Mom that no one else could have possibly known how I was feeling. I was heading down a stress filled path that she said my loved ones said "Get off" Thank you Buddah, you have truly changed my life with your gift!

Christine Flexer

Changed forever thanks to Buddah

I met with Buddah for the first time in February, 2014 for a private reading at a house party. I actually wasn't planning on having a reading, but did it as a favor for a friend who needed to fill a spot. Little did I know my life would be forever changed in a half hour.. Buddah was able to connect with my stepson who had passed suddenly and had left so many questions unanswered. My heart was filled with joy on that day, as those questions were answered and so much more. Since then, I have had a few house parties and have been elated by the peace Buddah has brought to my friends and family. Buddah is a sincere, loving, and talented gift from God. If you have thought of having a reading, be it psychic or mediumship, I highly recommend Buddah Strouse! ♡

Noell C.

Forever Gratefu

I had heard Buddah was good as a medium and psychic but had no idea she would be as excellent as she was. I went there mainly interested in the medium side of things, but not having said so. There were conversations I had with the loved one who had passed who I had hoped to hear from....conversations that NO ONE else knew about...or had a way of knowing about...and Buddah was able to repeat some of what was said in this was amazing. I have NOT one doubt that she was truly able to connect me to my loved one who has passed and I would highly recommend her services and would and do intend on going back myself!


Satisfied Customer

I met Buddah when she came to my home to buy some bookshelves I was selling. My son had passed away due to brain cancer in 2011. We were walking around my home and she said to me" your son wants to talk to you" The things she told me had me in tears and I knew that moment she knew what she was talking about. She told me things that no one in this world knew about my son. It was a wonderful experience. She was so in tune, and I KNOW with all of my HEART, my son was talking through her. I thank God she came to my home that day.


I saw Buddah for a private reading in November of 2013. I was a bit nervous, but her energy immediately calmed me. She was able to connect with those who have crossed over, particularly my maternal grandmother, who had a lot to say to me:) I received a lot of great information, and even though she told me things I knew I should listen to I went on doing things the way I always have. Now, I have a deep spiritual need to allow her to connect with me again. I'll see her again in a few days...this time? I'm making some changes, and being very open to whatever spirit has to say. God be with us:) Thank you Buddah for an amazing and beautiful experience. I look forward to my next reading....very much needed:) Michelle O.

Michelle Orndorff


I had Buddah come to my house to do a clearing because my brother died in my house. I didn't tell her anything about his death only I wanted my house cleared. When she got here she IMMEDIATELY picked up on his overdose. She said we thought he killed himself, but it was an accident. My mom was in the other room listening. She knew that too and asked my mom to come out to the living room where we all were. It just freaked me out how much she knew. I wasn't even looking for a reading just to get my house cleared because I thought my brother killed himself in my house! I am so glad my friend told me about her, and I am glad my family got that closure! It was needed so bad. I am forever grateful.

Sara Flemmings

She is the real deal!!!!!

I came to Buddah about 3 years ago for the first time. She did Reiki on my chronic lower back pain. I couldn't even imagine that anything would give me some relief. I had been taking muscle relaxers for over 5 years for this. After the first appointment with her the pressure and part of the pain in my back was gone. After the 3rd time I could stretch and bend easier and without the pain. From time to time my back pain returns, but the chronic part isn't there. Thanks a million! I would and do recommend you all the time.

Pam G.


To say Buddah is gifted is a massive understatement!!!!!! I met her several years ago at a Holistic Fair in Springfield Illinois. I had a very short reading with her of only 15 minutes. I only got in line because a friend told me about her. In 15 short minutes she told me things there is NO Way she could of known. I lost both my parents at a young age, and they both came through to talk to me!!!! The way my dad spoke was very proper, and she picked up on that right off the bat! She knew what my moms favorite dish to cook was, and the exact way my mom communicates with me! I can't say thank you enough to Buddah. The healing I got in that short time will last a lifetime!!!!! Thank you.

Sue R.

I never stop being amazed by her.

I came to see Buddah at a house party in Canton Il in 2013. I had lost my son to a drunk driver. I went because my wife wanted to go. Let me start by saying before I met Buddah I didn't believe in any of this crap. She knew details about him as a child, where we used to go fishing at, the last thing I ever got to say to him, and that his girlfriend had his baby. I can't even begin to understand how this all works, but she IS THE REAL THING!!!!!!! I haven't felt good since my son died until I got done with this reading. I was a huge sceptic, but NOT any more. Words can't tell you thank you enough Buddah. You changed my life and my marriage.

Matt K.

Completely Blown Away!!!!!

My wife bought me a reading with Buddah. To be honest I didn't really believe in this sort of thing. Happy wife happy life ya know so I went. I can say with 100% certainty that there is no way in hell this lady could have known the things she did. Even my wife didn't know this stuff. I don't know how to describe what happened other than she put something at ease that had been destroying me for almost 12 years. The next day after my reading I woke up and felt a peace that I haven't felt in over a decade. Make an appointment with this lady. It'll change your life for the better.



First I want to say thank you so much for giving me the love of Musetta, Dad and my dear sweet Grandmother. It blesses my ❤️ to know that they loved me.